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For some time now my family and I have been resettling back in our native home, Nairobi. For those who have lived in Nairobi know how fast life is in this town and how addictive the place can be once you are accustomed to its ways, I am one of such persons(wink wink),I love this place. There is only one mini minor little problem about this resettlement, the fact that I need a work plan. We thought through about where we would live and where the kids would go to school but a job or business to venture into seems to change with every awakening. You don’t want to restart your career or life after having gone for holiday for more than three years, huh the brain and the body do not seem to coordinate to this fact, but truth be told I must get busy.

Every now and then I am meeting friends or acquaintances who have great business ideas while others are hooking me up with recruiters .I am slowly taking up the challenges as they come. In one of my casual meet ups I was blessed to be in company of an older and wiser friend, Its in his words i found an ace i could keep;

“Do not be the weapon that sets against you. Do not be the voice that stops you from making things happen. You are too powerful for that ,so get to work and make more”

Character is greatest possession

Talent gets you to the door but character keeps you in the room. Be the person who is highly valued not because of the bank account or social status. Not because of your physical appearance or business acumen.

 Consistency and integrity earns the trust of others

Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you would do even after the mood has left you

– Proverbs 31:11-12

She consistently brings good to her family members and friends. She exhibits the highest loyalty and integrity, and due to these characteristics, she is trusted by her husband. Here consistency and integrity are central to her Godly character and set her above business women that are merely financially successful. The Proverbs 31 business woman is spiritually successful as well.

Carefully selects the best resources & products for your business

Wanting to provide to clients with the best that there is to offer, so you must do the research and the leg work to provide them with high-quality products and services, worthy of her good name.

Prioritize family and tends to their needs first

“She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household” – Proverbs 31:15a woman

Before anything else, serve family first, care for their health and express. Set family at the top of to-do list each day which sets you apart from other successful persons. A woman has to have her priorities in line with a healthy life/work balance.

Delegates work to others to maximize efficiency

Free up yourself to make you concentrate on the job you are good at. Define your task then decide who to allocate the task to, check if they have skills and resources, explain to them the task ahead, set the deadlines and expectations, support and constantly make communication, make follow up and obtain feedback

Carefully considers continued growth and investments

Do not remain in one spot. Do not allow your business to stagnate. With what money and resources obtained always consider growth and investment, both in business and personal life

 Share success with those less fortunate

Extend a helping hand and open compassionate, caring arms. Again, let Godly character shines through exhibiting not only a talented business person, but a kind -hearted child of God. In everything be humble!

“The Future is secure because your hard work has paid off”

Author: Kate Mwamba

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