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In the shoes of a salesperson


 Salespeople makes up the majority of work force in the world and am glad I have done my share of contribution to this estimates. Majority of companies needs 50% of employees in the sales front to promote its products/services. They form the image of a company.This profession is majorly unlike any other .It is a career that can quickly raise or lower your status in the society, here is a look at why

Networking-Sales is an industry where you can build networks with your acquaintances, business partners, friends and anyone else, there is no limit to what you can and cannot do. However this is not an easy profession, the pressure is immense and every reporting and deal is dealt with at the most urgency, if you miss a chance to close a deal then that is it, it’s gone! .You find that you forge close bonds with the relevant people in this profession as you work through it and mostly for the rest of your life.

Unpredictable-Most of these careers got little or no basic salaries and you have to work with commissions structures only, now this where financial discipline comes in. Smart budgeting should be applied as you slowly hit your sales goals and deal with the unpredictable future which could take months or weeks ends on.

 Experience-There are many successful entrepreneurs who started their careers in sales, and this isn’t coincidence. Working in sales provides experience that almost no other role within an organization can match. “Nothing happens until someone sells something”, and people-*e who can’t sell will have a limited skill set that can limit options. Every employee should learn to sell their product, their vision, and themselves.

Dollars-Please raise your hand if you do not like the dollar look in the pocket or your account, I doubt if there is anyone rising theirs. Sales Job is an open Bank cheque, you just need to write down the amount you want to earn unlike any other job, and often times end up making more money than management does .One of the biggest ways sales can change your life is the money you’ll make if you’re a competent sales rep. This is the professional to be if you can communicate well.

Hardening –Constant rejection and pushing through leads and conversions of sales are all part of hardening up and building resilience and in a nutshell a successful sales life. If you can adapt and take control of your own destiny through those obstacles, it will be a skill that you can apply to all other parts of your life. To survive in sales, you need to accept that it will be stressful, and learn how to manage it in a healthy, consistent way.

Opportunity-In sales it’s easy to change careers from one industry to the next, not many other professions has this kind of advantage. The skills gained are easily transferable.

Excitement-The number one reason why I have always loved to be in sales front is that this job has no monotony. Every day has got its own challenges and you get a chance to start fresh and even meet new people or go to new places. There is so much exposure, you only have your to self to stop you from excelling. There is this rush that comes with conquering a deal or the other of failing to get a deal. The ups and downs of this job keeps this career exciting. Every time I lost excitement in a sales job it was time for me to pack and move to the next one.

As I grow into my career I have come to realize money is no longer a motivating factor in a role/Job. If it does not bring happiness and longing to wake up  in the role everyday then it’s not worth it. Life is not a rehearsal. Let work become part of your hobby that way it will bring a sense of fulfillment in your life and wealth will begin to stream in eventually.

Author: Kate_ Mwamba

Financial and lifestyle blogger

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